Firefox Monitor is the internet bodyguard that alerts you to data breaches

Madison Brown

Madison Brown

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In recent years, privacy on the internet has been a hot topic. With data breaches happening nearly every week, your personal data is at risk in more ways than ever before.

Firefox Monitor is the internet bodyguard that alerts you to data breaches
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Pretty much everything can be done on the internet now: check your account balance with your bank’s app, have Siri tell you what the weather will be like during your vacation in Greece next week, or buy a custom-made cowboy hat in China and have it shipped to your grandma in Florida. Most apps now don’t even require you to enter your password – just scan your thumbprint and unlock.

But there’s a simple rule on the internet: if it can be hacked then someone has probably tried. Taking quick action after a security breach is vital. Thankfully, Firefox Monitor is here to watch your back.

Firefox Monitor is a free service that gives you alerts whenever your email is associated with a business or service that has experienced a data breach. To find out if your information was at risk in the past, visit Firefox Monitor’s website and enter your email. Your email will not be saved, and the Firefox’s servers won’t retain any other bits of your information either.

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If your email was associated with a breach, Monitor will let you know what was leaked, where it was leaked from, and when.

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On the website, you’ll find tips on what to do next, like making sure that your passwords are unique and not easy to guess, and that you have a different password for every website. Change your old passwords, and passwords with services that you’ve recently signed up for if it is one that has been recycled.

When you add Monitor to your browser, it will let you know every time your email address or password has been part of a breach so you can take action immediately. Your safety is most important, and Firefox Monitor is a must have to make sure that your personal information is secure.

Madison Brown

Madison Brown

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