Five Apps to Try This Weekend – February 20th 2015

Five Apps to Try This Weekend – February 20th 2015
Alex Beech

Alex Beech

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Welcome back to Five Apps to Try This Weekend, Softonic’s weekly show that casts an eye over the last seven day’s digital downloads and gives you our experts’ top picks.

This week our line up contains not one, but two connectivity apps designed to further blur the every fuzzy divide between PC and mobile. The first of these is Pushbullet (Android | iPhone), which allows you to easily share data between devices. This is followed by Chrome Remote Desktop, a plugin that lets you access your home computer on the move.

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If you want a little more levity for your weekend, we also have two games to try. Both Harold and Evoland are titles that look simple at first glance, but quickly grow in complexity as you move through their increasingly challenging worlds.

Finally, we have a preview of Skype Translator. Still in development, this app now has the ability to translate English and Spanish audio on the fly. It is far from perfect, but does prove an exciting first step towards a Star Trek future. Watch the video for a chance to win one of three preview keys.

Let us know what you think of our recommendations in the comments below, and be sure to check back next Friday for another five apps.

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