Camera apps and Google Experiments that you should try

Camera apps and Google Experiments that you should try

Welcome back to Five Apps to Try This Week, the show where we outline the best and most interesting apps from last week and encourage you to give them a go. We have fewer games than normal this week, but only because we have given them their own home over on Click-Swipe-Play – go and have a look.

That said, our first pick this week is Championship Manager: All Stars (iOS|Android), a game that invites you to try and guide a soccer team to victory. This one should keep you going all season.

Second we have GIPHY CAM (iOS), the official app of the popular site This camera app enables you to easily turn short videos into GIFs, complete with colorful decorations and bizarre filters.

Lip Swap (Android) is our third pick. The idea of this one is to take picture of a face, erase the mouth, and then film a video of your own lips in the hole to bring the face to life. Its silly fun, but it also offers plenty of creative options if you are feeling imaginative.

Fourth we have Tunnel Vision (Android). This camera app applies strangely beautiful and psychedelic filters to your video. The results are a bit hit and miss, but it can result in some truly beautiful accidents.

Finally we have another lip based app, called – unimaginatively – Lipp (iOS|Android). This lets you dub your own audio over any of its huge array of clips. With an ever growing library of scenes – from movies to celebrity interviews – we are sure this could lead to some online comedy gold.

That’s our five. Remember to check out Click-Swipe-Play, and we will be back next week.

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