Five Nights at Freddy’s 4, SOMA Messenger, Adventure Time Puzzle Quest, and Angry Birds 2 – Five Apps to Try This Weekend

Big week for Apps

Five Apps to Try This Weekend is the show that’s name describes everything you need to know about it, so I won’t bother – here are this week’s five recommendations.

We kick off with Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 (Android|Windows) the scary game that’s sudden, unannounced release last week caught us by surprise. Chronologically set before the others games in the series, this latest installment keeps the same basic premise but makes the terror a bit more personal by setting the action in your bedroom.

SOMA Messenger (iOS|Android) is our second app this week, a new messaging app with a powerful encryption system to keep all of your shared food photos safe. With high-quality audio and video calls, you’ll want to download SOMA Messenger while it is still free.

Third we have Adventure Time Puzzle Quest (Android|iOS), another game based on the wonderfully surreal Adventure Time. This great match-3 puzzle game has you guiding a squad your favorite characters from the show across the Land of OOO, battling all who stand in your way.

Next up is KitCut , an app to awaken your creativity. This collage app makes it easy to build your own creations by cutting up pictures and then sticking them back together in fun and silly ways.

Finally this week, Angry Birds 2 (Android|iOS). While this doesn’t change up the formula that made the series so popular, it does add a few new twists to keep it fresh. These changes include multi-staged levels, randomized stage layouts, and an arena mode.

That’s if for this week, but if you enjoyed the video please share it, and if you think we missed any great apps this week let us know in the comments. See you next time.

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