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Be it too squeaky, too deep, too slow, or just plain weird, there is something inherently amusing about distorted voices. But as a man who has tried to do a Batman impression for more than a minute, I can tell you that they can quickly start to hurt. Fortunately technology is here to help, so here is my list of the best five voice changing apps.

MorphVOX Pro (Windows|Mac)

There are few programs better than MorphVOX Pro if you want to change your voice on a desktop machine. Its simple interface makes it incredibly easy to use, so within seconds you can make yourself sound like a child, robot, demon, and even a dog. It also features the ability to alter the intensity of every one of its effects.

Skype Voice Changer Pro (Windows)

Altering your recordings is good, but the best time to morph your voice is when the other person is right there listening to you. Skype Voice Changer Pro excels at this, allowing you to easily distort your voice while making free Skype calls. So don’t be alarmed if you call me and discover I sound like a chipmunk. The full version also lets you record calls.

Voice Changer with Effects (Android)

Voice Changer with Effects enables you to change your voice in just two steps. Step one, record your voice. Step two, pick a filter from the many available. Perhaps most excitingly this app also features a piano style keyboard so you can “play” your recording like some amazing 80’s synth hit.

Call Voice Changer (Android|iOS)

Yes, the dirty secret of voice changers is that many people want them to prank their friends, something Call Voice Changer makes simple. This app alters your voice live while you make calls, just pick an effect and add sound effects on the fly.

Voicemod (iOS)

Voicemod is full featured, beautifully designed, and effective. Can you tell it’s my favorite on the list? It includes loads of free voices and modes, including Darth Vader complete with lightsaber effects. There are audio emoji and environmental effects to set the scene, and the option to record and share on social media.

Next week I’ll be back with the best apps to listen to music for free. Until then like, share, comment, and subscribe.

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