FlexiSpot E7 PRO, analysis: the adjustable desk of reference for any workspace

A desk that will always adapt to our needs.

FlexiSpot E7 PRO, analysis: the adjustable desk of reference for any workspace
David Bernal Raspall

David Bernal Raspall

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Now, as we work from home more than ever, comfort and functionality play a crucial role in ensuring a productive work environment where we can spend our days properly. In this context, FlexiSpot offers us its E7 PRO adjustable height desk, which is presented as an excellent option to make our office as comfortable as possible and, of course, do it with style.


The FlexiSpot E7 PRO is more than just a work desk; it is a tool designed to adapt to the needs of a workday. Here, the company offers us everything from ergonomic chairs to elements that, together with the desk itself, are intended to meet the expectations of any setup.

Design: when less is much more

The design of the E7 PRO, as we have been able to verify firsthand at Softonic, stands out for its elegance and minimalism. Available in black and pearl white, it easily integrates into any workspace without overwhelming us with options. The steel structure not only appears to be robust, it is, and very much so, and you can tell both by looking at the desk from a distance and by leaning on it while working.

The height adjustment range goes from 63.5 to 128.5 cm and we can place a top between 110 and 190 cm wide, so we can fit this new desk anywhere we need. We can choose the table top in various wood tones, as well as black or white, like the ones we can see in the accompanying photos.

The quality of the finishes of the E7 PRO is remarkable, especially considering that it comes completely disassembled —more on this in the next section—. According to FlexiSpot’s specifications, the desk can support up to 160 Kg, although the less conventional test of sitting on it while asking it to increase the height —don’t try this at home— also gives a more than satisfactory result.

Special mention, it must be said, to the torsional resistance, which is not common in these tables. In other words, it is expected that a table of this type does not yield at all when we lean directly on the legs, vertically, but it can yield noticeably when we lean on the edge. Whether working seated or getting up, it is on the edge of the table where we can lean and, in the E7 Pro, the structure does not yield more than a few millimeters no matter how much weight we apply. Something that speaks directly to the quality of its joints, connections, and motor gears.

Assembly: much more fun than it seems at first glance

The E7 PRO is heavy. When you receive the package at home, you wonder how can such a small box weigh so much. Although later you appreciate the robustness, the first thought is: I’m going to have to assemble that.

As someone who works from home, I have seen and assembled several brands of adjustable desks. None are like what FlexiSpot offers. A single tool, included in the box, serves us for the entire operation. In just seven well-illustrated steps, each with the appropriate screws, you have the standing desk up and running.

Every detail is taken into account, from the small rug —which we can see in the previous photo— where you can place the table upside down to avoid scratching it, to the order in which you unpack the different items from the box in which the shipment is received.

Usage: very high quality with special mention for control

There are several points to consider when evaluating a table with the characteristics of the E7 PRO. On one hand, we have to talk about the speed of movement. On the other hand, and very important, the noise during the movement. Additionally, and this is something that can only be seen in person, we have to talk about the start and end of the movement, the vibration it emits, the balance, and, so to speak, the finesse of its movement.

I must say that FlexiSpot stands out a lot here, compared to other alternatives. Silent, fast, and extremely stable, the desk glides up and down effortlessly. In addition to its maximum and minimum height, which we see in the photo above, it is worth mentioning the control, the small element that allows us to raise, lower, and memorize positions.

It is extremely touch-sensitive, there is no need to press. Just resting your finger on the up or down part is enough for the table to respond. A single touch, not two like many tables, on the memory button is enough for it to slide quickly, accelerating slightly at the beginning and decelerating before settling into its new position.

Beyond several other features, such as child lock or anti-collision system, details like the inclusion of accessories for cable management and the integrated USB connector for charging some other device with the greatest ease are appreciated.


Overall, the FlexiSpot E7 PRO adjustable height desk is an excellent option when looking for a desk that combines style, functionality, and ergonomics. Its sturdy and elegant design, along with its easy assembly and quality finishes, make it a very interesting choice for any workspace.

David Bernal Raspall

David Bernal Raspall

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