Follow the football on your phone

Keep up with all the actionWith all the European domestic leagues now well under way, soccer fans across the globe are glued to their PCs, TVs, radios, and newspapers following the great game. However, there’s another medium for tracking the action that you may not have thought about using – the mobile phone. There are several applications you can install that will help you stay on top of all your team’s thrills and spills this season.

If you own a Pocket PC and adore soccer stats then be sure to install allSoccer. The program updates results, tables and information from all the major European leagues, as well as the Champions League and UEFA Cup competitions. TeamStats is another handy download, as it allows you to track matches via live updates and you can add your own leagues to its database.

When it comes to finding out juicy gossip about football, it’s often better to talk to fans rather than expect to hear it through official channels. AVACS FootBuster is a superb football chat service for mobile phones that lets you communicate with soccer nuts in different rooms that cater for different teams and leagues. If things get a little quiet at your club during the forthcoming international break then keep yourself occupied by playing FIFA Football Trivia, a cool Java game which tests your knowledge of the sport.

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