Fortnite Season 6: Darkness Rises

Fortnite Season 6: Darkness Rises
Alex LaFreniere

Alex LaFreniere

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shadow stone fortnite season 6
Shadow Stone summoning ritual

Something wicked has come to Fortnite. Just in time for October, Fortnite Season 6 has dropped in spectacular fashion, finally revealing the theme: Darkness Rises. Check out the opening cinematic below, and read on to find out more about this terrifying new season.

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The Shadow Stones

Fornite players will remember the appearance of the mysterious purple cube towards the end of Season 5. The giant purple monolith roamed about the map over a period of several days, emblazoning different areas with mysterious purple glyphs that seemed to have anti-gravity properties. Finally, the cube disappeared beneath the surface of Loot Lake, turning the surface a neon purple color.

fortnite season 6 cube rises
The cube rises.

With the advent of Season 6, the cube has risen… taking Loot Lake’s abandoned house with it several hundred feet into the air. Though the cube’s intentions remain a mystery, we now know it to be a Shadow Stone. Smaller shadow stones can be found scattered around the map as consumables. Using them lets you take on your Shadow Form. Lasting 45 seconds, Shadow Form allows you to turn totally invisible while standing still, phase through objects, increase your movement speed and jump height, and become totally immune to fall damage. The items have had to be patched several times due to glitches, but should be back in the game shortly.

New Locations

loot lake whirpool fortnite season 6
Loot Lake’s new whirlpool

The map itself has also undergone some huge changes. Loot Lake has undergone a total makeover: the house at the center of the lake now floats above the cube, leaving a swirling purple-tinged whirlpool at the center. Falling into the center of the pool won’t kill you… but it will send you flying. This is in keeping with the anti-gravity properties demonstrated by the cube.

fortnite season 6 haunted hills vampire castle
The Vampire Castle

Also obvious from the sky is the huge gothic castle now looming above Haunted Hills. This creepy, vampiric abode is home to several chests and some spooky gothic decor. It’s somewhat difficult to reach, however… unless you parachute directly onto it, you’ll have to build ramps up the side of the hill to gain access.

fatal fields fortnite season 6 corn
The corn at Fatal Fields

The crops at Fatal Fields are coming along nicely. Now present are vast fields of corn that totally obscure your vision when you enter them. This can lead to some horror movie-worthy encounters as your opponents hunt you through the cornstalks. The fields can also allow you to get the upper hand and lose enemies that are chasing you.

fortnite season 6 hero mansion ruins
The ruined mansion

Older locations have also undergone makeovers. The superhero mansion from Season 4 is crumbling into ruins. Windows have been boarded up and furniture removed, and the exterior is overgrown by plants and vines. The villain lair on the outskirts of Snobby Shores is also in a similar state of disrepair, with the bunker slowly disintegrating.

fortnite season 6 spooky hosuse
Spooky house in Pleasant Park

Other locations on the map have also received some spooky, Halloween themed cosmetic upgrades, such as this house in Pleasant Park. Ghosts are also hanging from streetlights in Tilted Towers and on windmills in Fatal Fields. It’s all in keeping with Season 6’s new dark theme.

Mysterious Glyphs

fortnite season 6 glyph blight
A glyph blight

Players will also notice that the areas marked by glyphs in Season 5 have undergone some dramatic changes. The surrounding areas have morphed into grey, blighted wasteland. Sound in these areas is eerily dampened except for a mysterious pulsing noise, gnarled trees stretch skyward, and the glyphs emanate unearthly light. The function of these glyphs is still a mystery… but the cube is apparently calling them home. As of this article, the cube and the house above it have floated across the map to the glyph near Pleasant Park.

fortnite season 6 glyph summoning cube
Shadow Stone glyph summoning

Positioning directly above the glyph, the cube has begun ripping the symbol out of the ground, apparently attempting to assimilate it into its form somehow. It’s unclear why the cube is doing this- or what will happen when the ritual is complete- but it seems like it’ll have some dark implications for the Battle Royale map.

fortnite season 6 glyph summoning
What’s coming from those portals…?

From the spooky to the sinister, Fortnite Season 6 seems to have something dark in store. But don’t be scared, Fortnite players. Check back with Softonic to find out what’s coming next as the Darkness Rises.

Alex LaFreniere

Alex LaFreniere

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