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How to earn free Diamonds in Free Fire Max

How to earn free Diamonds in Free Fire Max
Juliet Childers

Juliet Childers

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The free-to-play battle royale game Free Fire Max is massively popular all over the world. In fact, it grossed more than $4 billion USD across the world by 2021 alone. Thanks to new updates, there’s no better time than now to download Garena Free Fire Max.

However, if you find yourself wanting a specific character costume or a gun skin, you’ll need Diamonds to make that happen. If you want free Diamonds, there are actually a few ways to get them, too.

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What are Diamonds for in Garena Free Fire Max?

Many games (especially mobile titles) have in-game currency for microtransactions. Free Fire Max is no different with tons of cosmetic items, pets, upgrades, and more. The in-game currency for this game is known as Diamonds.

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How to get free Diamonds in Free Fire Max

Getting free Diamonds in Free Fire Max all depends on one of several methods. You can use just one or a combination of them depending on how many Diamonds you want. Let’s explore these options in more detail.

Note: we do not recommend using get-paid-to or GPT apps. Though they function similarly to Google Opinion Rewards, these apps are often not as secure.

  1. Participate in giveaways for free Diamonds

    YouTubers and other big players will often host giveaways via Instagram or YouTube. Simply follow the instructions of the person to enter the giveaway to see if you win. It usually involves participating in a custom room or in-game events.

    Though some rewards are as simple as characters, players can obtain Diamonds this way for free.

  2. Google Opinions Rewards

    This separate Google app allows users to answer survey questions in exchange for Google Play balance credits. Keep in mind that this option is not always available, so take advantage of it while you can.

  3. Use the Booyah app and leverage in-game events

    The Booyah app acts as a sort of companion app for Free Fire Max. Players can get rewards for watching videos from specific creators or competitive play. However, this is not a very consistent way to get Diamonds as they are just one of the many rewards you can get in loot drops.

    Opting for in-game events may be a better way to earn free Diamonds. Simply follow the instructions there are for the event to get rewards. This may be as simple as watching a clip or involve completing specific challenges.

  4. Use the rewards redemption site

    The easiest way to get free Diamonds in Free Fire Max is to just redeem any rewards for yourself on their site. Of course, rewards don’t only include Diamonds; they can be costumes, accessories, skins, and other things.

    This is the least efficient or consistent way to obtain Diamonds for free.

Get your Diamonds now!

Free-to-play games are a fantastic way to save money but still get a great digital gaming experience. Of course, if you can get the in-game currency for free, why not get your share?

Download Garena Free Fire Max today and start racking up your Diamond collection.

Developer: 111dots Studio

Publisher: Garena

Platforms: iOS and Android

Game Modes: Battle Royale and Clash Squad

Engine: Unity

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