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The internet is the backbone of society. Never before has it penetrated so widely or so deeply. It’s in virtually everything we do, from shopping to hiring a taxi.

We rely on the internet so much, it’s easy to get frustrated when it’s not working. We often sit at the laptop, fiddling with wifi settings, IP addresses, and DNS servers to boost speeds or fix faulty connections. The problem is, we often make things worse.

When things are going well, we tend to spend our time enjoying the fruits of the world wide web instead of learning how they grow. But when things go wrong, troubleshooting can be an overwhelming, confusing, and intimidating experience.

Although we’re dependent on the internet for almost everything, few of us understand how it works. Forums and YouTube tutorials help with the basics, but can only do so much. Internet connections fail in a thousand different ways, and understanding the root cause and the means to fix it often require specialist knowledge many of us lack.

Nevertheless, when Netflix pixelates or Spotify won’t connect, we don’t want to waste hours on the phone to our ISP (Internet Service Provider). Going through the motions with tech support can be gruelling, especially if you’re unsure of what you’re describing, and more often than not the problem is a simple one. If only you had an expert on hand to analyse and optimise your internet connection, everything would be fine…

Well, now you can. Ashampoo Internet Accelerator 3 will solve most internet connection problems in a single click. Ashampoo has assessed many of the common internet connectivity issues and programmed Internet Accelerator 3 to identify and fix them automatically, without your help. Not only does this save you time reading technical forum posts or on frustrating calls to IT support, but also prevents misdiagnosis, which can make a simple problem worse.

Internet Accelerator 3 works by analysing your computer’s internet settings. Then, it configures these settings to increase the speed and stability of your connection. It’s all done automatically through a clean, simple user interface, so you can choose just how involved you want to be. Advanced users can view and change the settings themselves.

Aside from fixing common internet problems and boosting performance, Internet Accelerator 3 also speeds up browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox. It’ll clean up old temporary internet files and cookies, too, freeing up hard drive space for more important content.

Ashampoo Internet Accelerator 3 ensures you’re getting the fastest, stablest connection without opening a help page or dialling a support line. Download it today for just $12 . That’s better internet performance for less than a breakfast.

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