Go Upside Down with Stranger Things Skins in Minecraft

Go Upside Down with Stranger Things Skins in Minecraft

Are you a fan of the Netflix series, Stranger Things? This 1980s suspense and horror show has thrilled fans both young and old alike and quickly became one of the breakout hits on TV last summer.

Season 2 of the show has been released, and to help launch the new season, the creators teamed up with Minecraft to release a special Stranger Things skin pack in the Minecraft Store.

The skin pack is available for all users of the “Bedrock” version of Minecraft. Right now, that includes players on Windows 10, Xbox One, and mobile devices. The skin pack costs 490 coins, which is the equivalent of about $3.

Lucas, Mike, Eleven - Minecraft Stranger Things

Once you’ve acquired the new Stranger Things skin pack, you can easily equip any of the new skins. If you run into problems, be sure to check out our guide on how to change your Minecraft skin.

You’ll have plenty of options to re-create your favorite Stranger Things moments since this skin pack comes complete with a massive collection of 52 skins. You get a lot of characters from Season 1 and Season 2.

Spoiler Alert! Some of the skins reveal characters and scenes that appear in Season 2. Although you won’t be able to guess the plot lines, these skins do give you a peek into what to expect in the newest episodes.

Dustin from Stranger Things in Minecraft

Dustin from Stranger Things explores a festive Fall scene in Minecraft.

All of the skins from the Stranger Things Minecraft skin pack

There are 52 skins in all. That’s enough to keep you entertained in your Minecraft-fueled Upside Down world for days on end.

  1. Lucas
  2. Mike
  3. Eleven – Pink Dress
  4. Dustin
  5. Will
  6. Demogorgon – Face Closed
  7. Hopper
  8. Eleven – Lab Gown
  9. Joyce – Festive Lights
  10. Jonathan
  11. Nancy
  12. Steve
  13. Barb
  14. Hazmat
  15. Eleven – Tank Suit
  16. Dr. Brenner
  17. Mr. Clarke
  18. Terry Ives
  19. Eleven – Blonde Wig
  20. Demogorgon
  21. Barb – Upside Down
  22. Will – Upside Down
  23. Ghostbuster Will
  24. Ghostbuster Mike
  25. Ghostbuster Dustin
  26. Ghostbuster Lucas
  27. Max
  28. Billy
  29. Eleven – Runaway
  30. Hopper – Blue Jacket
  31. Joyce
  32. Jonathan
  33. Nancy
  34. Bob Newby
  35. Maury Bauman
  36. Dr. Sam Owens
  37. Hopper – Gown
  38. Kali
  39. Eleven – Punk
  40. Sunshine
  41. Axel
  42. Dottie
  43. Mick
  44. Max – Tunnel Bandit
  45. Mike – Tunnel Bandit
  46. Dustin – Tunnel Bandit
  47. Lucas – Tunnel Bandit
  48. Steve – Tunnel Bandit
  49. Eleven – Snow Ball
  50. Nancy – Snow Ball
  51. Mike – Snow Ball
  52. Dustin – Snow Ball


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