Goat Simulator 2014 is as crazy as it sounds

Goat Simulator 2014 is as crazy as it sounds

Goat Simulator 2014 is exactly what the title suggests: a simulation of a goat’s life. Of course, this isn’t just your normal, every day billy goat: he can withstand more of a beating than usual. In what started as a joke, Goat Simulator has officially been released as the latest, and quite possible the strangest, simulator game for PC.

In Goat Simulator, you walk freely around the open world and destroy pretty much everything in your path, and what’s even better, is that you get points for it.

It was originally written for a small game jam before the joke suddenly turned into reality. By popular demand, Coffee Stain Studios went on to create the full game, including all the bugs– despite expected and very reasonable graphics, it’s not polished. The bugs, however, are what make the game so much fun to play. Your head regularly gets stuck and disappears through a wall if you stand too close to it, and walking up ladders looks absolutely hilarious.

Goat Simulator 2014

Enjoy a hilarious walk up a crane

You get numerous missions in the form of backflips, accumulating points by destroying things around you or by reaching certain heights. This is nice, but the real fun lies in the freedom to walk around and discover the secrets that the developers have hidden in the game. They range from small references (missing a penalty gets you a Like Baggio score), to huge hidden areas– you can even take your goat into outer space. If you’re a bit tired of being a goat, you can also sit back and enjoy a game of Flappy Goat in one of the houses.

Play Flappy Goat in Goat Simulator

A reference to the popular Flappy Bird game.

Goat Simulator is clearly a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, which makes it really fun to play, with nice music that’s both cheerful and crazy. Compared to the recently released and extremely funny South Park: The Stick of Truth, Goat Simulator is a lot more silly and lighthearted.

Whether it’ll be as popular as other simulators like Euro Truck Simulator 2 remains to be seen, but at the very least, it’ll give you a few hours of entertaining gameplay. So far, it’s definitely the strangest game of 2014.

Original article written by Rutger Uittenbogaard published on Softonic NL.

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