Goat Simulator MMO Simulator, Star Wars Uprising, and Corpse of Discovery: let’s Click-Swipe-Play

This week on Click-Swipe-Play I take it back to basics, with three review in three minutes. That’s it, no news, no frills, just quick fire opinions on the games we have been playing here at Softonic this week.

I start off with a game that I have been enjoying, Corpse of Discovery (PC). While it openly describes itself as a walking simulator, I like a good walk and enjoyed the chilled digital tourism it allowed me across numerous fantastical worlds.

If slow contemplation isn’t your thing, we follow this up with Goat Simulator MMO Simulator (Android|iOS) – and this defiantly isn’t contemplative. The Goat Simulator franchise – its self a parody of simulation games – turns its satirical gaze upon MMOs. It’s good silly fun, just be sure you know what you are in for.

Finally to round out this week’s three minutes we have Star Wars Uprising (Android|iOS). This Diablo like action RPG is set after The Return of the Jedi, and fills in some of the events between Episode Six and the upcoming Force Awakens.

That’s it for this week, be sure to share this video if our reviews lead you to a game you enjoy and subscribe so you don’t miss next week’s show.

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