Google Image Search gets a new feature to prevent misinformation

Google Image Search gets a new feature to prevent misinformation
Onur Demirkol

Onur Demirkol

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To tackle the uncontrolled spread of misinformation and help users get to the truth, Google Search has rolled out a powerful new feature called “About this image.” This tool is designed to give users a deeper understanding of the images they encounter in Google Search, shedding light on their origins and context. Although it was initially introduced earlier this year, Google is now making it available to a wider audience, with English language users across the globe getting access.

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How “About this image” works

When you spot an image in Google Search or Google Images, you’ll see a three-dot menu perched at the top of the image. A simple click on this menu unveils the option “About this image.” Click on it, and voila! You’re now privy to crucial information about the image, empowering you with valuable insights into its source and background.

Combating misinformation

The timing of “About this image” couldn’t be better. With the proliferation of misinformation, especially during significant events like the current conflict in the world, unrelated images often circulate without proper context. This not only muddles the waters for users but also fuels the spread of false information. “About this image” steps in to offer clarity.

Further enhancements

But Google’s commitment to truth doesn’t end there. In addition to “About this image,” Google is making strides in improving its Fact Check Explorer. Although it’s still in beta since its summer launch, this tool allows you to search for image fact-checks by uploading an image or entering its URL. The Verge reported that Google is actively working on a new API to facilitate the seamless integration of Fact Check Explorer into the workflows of fact-checkers and journalists.

Moreover, Google is venturing into generative AI to offer more insights into online sources through its AI-powered Search Generative Experience. These AI-generated descriptions will be visible in the “About this result” tool when established sources like Wikipedia or the Google Knowledge Graph lack information about a smaller website. This novel approach promises to provide users with a more comprehensive and dependable online experience as they seek credible information.

Onur Demirkol

Onur Demirkol

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