Google Images is now even more useful!

Google Images is now even more useful!

Google Images is the incredibly useful tab on Google searches that lets you look through images relating to your search term. Last year Google improved Images by adding badges to each result that highlighted the type of content the images were from. If the image comes from a recipe it now has the word recipe written on it so that you know that clicking on it will take you to the recipe of whatever it is that you’re looking at. Google is now looking to extend this functionality even further, adding more information to the tag that shows up with image results. Google is starting to add captions to Google Image results.

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That captions that Google is adding will offer users a little more context about the images that they’re looking at. Captions will include the title and where the image is published.

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Google has offered a handy example in the form of an image search for fruit that looks like stars. In the results shown, rather just showing images of fruit that look like stars the captions include basic information like the name of the fruit and where it is found.

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Like with the image tabs, this is a mobile search function so you should expect to start seeing it in the Google app your Android and iOS devices soon.

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