Google Maps latest update will help you protect your privacy

Google Maps latest update will help you protect your privacy
Patrick Devaney

Patrick Devaney

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At the beginning of the month, Google introduced a new auto-delete feature for all the data it gathers on your web behavior. The feature gives you more control over your personal data for sure, but it is a little limited. Google will automatically delete any data that has been stored for longer than you wish it to, but the problem is that the new feature only gives two choices for how long that period may be: three months or a year and a half.

How to activate Incognito mode on Google Maps

This is definitely a step in the right direction, but the feature’s clear limitation is somewhat frustrating. Fortunately, however, one of Google’s most invasive programs, Google Maps, is getting a much stronger privacy protecting feature.

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Google Maps is getting an Incognito Mode that will stop the app from tracking you

The new Google Maps Incognito Mode was introduced Tuesday at the big Google I/O Conference. According to the keynote speech that introduced the new privacy-protecting feature, you will be able to switch it on with a simple click of a switch and when activated, it will hide all of your activity from your Google account. This means Google Maps will no longer be tracking things like places searched for or directions followed.

Privacy was a bit of a buzzword at the Google showpiece with CEO Sundar Pichai running through the search giant’s history on the subject before introducing some new features. One such introduction was the rollout of the aforementioned auto-delete feature. Another was one-tap access to your Google account’s privacy management page. These two new features, as well as Google Maps’ Incognito Mode, should soon be front and center when clicking your Google profile picture in the major Google apps or Google Maps specifically.

one tap access to Google account management page
Google’s major apps will soon offer one click access to privacy controls including auto-delete

The roll-out of auto-delete and easy access features began on Tuesday but as there are so many Google devices out there, it will no doubt take a while before they land on all Android phones. If you can’t see them yet, they should be there soon. The Maps Incognito Mode will begin rolling out soon.

How to use the Google Maps Incognito Mode

Using the new Incognito Mode on Google Maps couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is open Google Maps and then tap your account icon in the top-right of the screen. This will either be the profile picture you connected to your Google account or a circle with the first letter of your name in the center. Once you’ve clicked this, you should see the Turn on Incognito mode option just below the Manage your Google Account button.

Google Maps has an Incognito Mode
The new Google Maps Incognito Mode is easy enough to use

Adding Incognito Mode to Google Maps now means that three major Google apps (Chrome, YouTube, and Maps) have the tracking prevention feature. Pichai also announced that the internet giant will also be bringing the feature to Google’s search later this year.

Patrick Devaney

Patrick Devaney

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