Google Now beats Siri and Cortana at answering your questions

Google Now beats Siri and Cortana at answering your questions
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Google’s digital voice assistant, Google Now, is the most useful for finding information. A study conducted by SEO consulting agency Stone Temple found that Google Now trumps Siri and Cortana in answering your questions, though the company didn’t explore each voice assistant’s features. The company put all three digital voice assistants against each other in a battle to see which one answered the most questions.

Google Now was able to answer 88% of the 3000 questions asked. Siri managed 53% and Cortana 40%, both significantly behind Google Now.

Google Now Siri Cortana shootout

The results shouldn’t be all that surprising since Google is the largest search engine in the world. The company’s years of experience with optimizing search queries definitely shows in this shootout.

Microsoft also owns a search engine, Bing, but its results just can’t match Google’s. Interestingly, Bing returned more accurate answers than Cortana, which means Microsoft has a lot of work to do with integrating these two products.

Stone Temple is an SEO marketing company and although it says it doesn’t have Google, Apple or Microsoft as clients, the study should still be taken with a grain of salt.

For more on voice assistants, check out Suzie’s 7 questions Siri can (and can’t) answer in iOS 8.

Source and image credit: Stone Temple

Via: The Verge

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