3 applications you should add to your Google sidebar

3 applications you should add to your Google sidebar
Miranda Lucas

Miranda Lucas

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Maybe you didn’t notice this, but whenever you’re in a Google program like Gmail, Docs, or Sheets, there’s a little sidebar to the right with several applications to integrate the full Google suite of products. If you don’t see it, click the little arrow in the lower right corner of your screen.

google suite

google side panelOnce you’ve clicked it, you may see these three applications on the right side of your screen: Google Calendar, Google Keep, and Tasks.

google sidebar

You can add more apps by clicking the plus button below those three.


The apps available will depend on the program you’re using. Here are the highlights of some of your options.

3 applications you should add to your Google sidebar

1. Google Duo

With just one tap, you can open a high-quality video call with any of your Google contacts. This is a great addition to your Google sidebar if you need to telecommute for work or if your family and friends live in another city. With Google Duo, you have the ease of being able to video chat any time you want. There’s even a feature called Knock-Knock that lets you see the person who’s calling you before you answer the call.

Google Duo Download Free

2. Google Keep

This is a great application for people who want to keep their thoughts organized. Google Keep should already be pre-installed in your Google sidebar, but if not, it’s a worthwhile add. It lets you easily create lists and notes. You can even add photos and audio clips. Need to make a grocery list? You can quickly open Google Keep and create a list of everything you want to pick up from the store.

Google Keep Download Free ►

3. Google Express

With Google Express, you can buy anything you need at the push of a button. With hundreds of brands and stores available to choose from, Google Express is a great way to do your online shopping. Supported brands include Target, Costco, Sephora, and many other favorites. Adding this application to your Google sidebar will let you quickly shop online for groceries, electronics, and more.

Google Shopping Express download free ►

Adding applications to your Google sidebar can be a great way to streamline your online activities. Add these applications now and get started today!

Miranda Lucas

Miranda Lucas

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