5 Great add-ons for Mozilla Firefox

5 Great add-ons for Mozilla Firefox

The stock version of Mozilla Firefox is a great web browser that offers smooth performance. The included security options, like private browsing, blocking reported web forgeries, and a low-level do not track option, are great starts to a secure web experience, but Mozilla’s add-ons can offer an even more customized browser tailored to your specific interests.

There are some add-ons that are essential to protect your web presence and add usability in Firefox.


DoNotTrackPlus shows you which sites are tracking your browsing, from social networks, ad groups, and tracking companies. If you have ever wondered how many companies were tracking you on the sites you normally visit, DoNotTrackPlus will tell you and allow you to block or enable them. Obviously, not all tracking is negative. Most Google tracking isn’t dangerous, but you can turn it off if you want.

Adblock Plus

Advertisers are getting smarter with how they present ads when browsing online. Sometimes you accidentally click an ad that you thought was a link to an interesting story. Adblock Plus removes ads on any website. It works particularly well on Facebook, which has placed ads almost everywhere it can. You will have an easier time avoiding misleading ads with this add-on.

Download Statusbar

The purpose of Download Statusbar is to minimize the presence of downloading files. It can also show the download source url. You can run simultaneous downloads and it will show the status in the bottom of the browser. As opposed to opening the download box by default, Download Statusbar has a minimal presence, while showing more information than the default download manager in Firefox.

Gmail Manager Extension

While most people may use multiple email accounts, Google’s Gmail is one of the most popular. With the ability to import email from multiple accounts and continuous expanding storage space, Gmail is great. Gmail Manager Extension lets you check email from multiple accounts through the toolbar. If you always want to be up to date with received emails, then this add-on is a great choice.

Quick Maps

Google Maps is among the best location search services. Even when a site offers a map, it may not have the same functionality as using the main service. Quick Maps loads Google Maps in a small pop up so you can see exactly where a location is. Instead of opening a new tab, Quick Maps will show you the location and give you the option of opening the Google Maps site. Quick Maps is a great add-on for frequent map users.

Add more function

The add-ons above are the ones I use daily. They keep Firefox running smoothly and protect you from advertisers. They also increase the functionality of the browser without having to open new tabs. Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers available, and add-ons for Mozilla increase its potential usability.

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