GTA Online celebrates Lunar New Year: this is how the event will be

GTA Online celebrates the Lunar New Year in a big way.

GTA Online celebrates Lunar New Year: this is how the event will be
María López

María López

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In GTA Online there is never a dull moment. A new event is coming, this time focused on celebrating the Lunar New Year. This week, players will be able to earn triple GTA$ and RP if they help Simeon with his various “business initiatives”.

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To start receiving gifts, you just have to log in to GTA Online. Doing so will grant you the Wood Dragon mask completely free. That’s not all: you will also receive the red Lunar New Year dress and the black Lunar New Year t-shirt. Don’t forget to log in again next week to receive more items.

Workshop clients

Simeon needs your help. In his contact missions, you can help him improve vehicles and participate in competitive sabotage. Thanks to your efforts, you will also earn triple GTA$ and RP.

Completing customer jobs at the workshop will bring you great economic benefits. To do this, you must take care of completing the customization requests that are made to you and deliver the orders to receive double GTA$ and RP during this week.

Take a look also at the blackboard in your workshop. There you will see business opportunities that will invite you to steal uncommon exports and transport them to the dock. In addition, you will have until February 7th to receive double rewards.

Triple GTA$ and RP in community series

Just like with every event, we will have a new batch of community series activities, designed by outstanding GTA Online players. These are:

  • Maze Deathmatch (by ZYAPOTEKA)
  • [Me] Rainbow Pistols (by Yooo11)
  • Smells Like Vice City (by Quantum_Krew)
  • {ALEE} AQUARIUM (by aleeenur)
  • Down Under Mining (by ElusiveCaesar)
  • NEON Pipeline (by REDSTAR-94)

Here you can learn in depth all the details.

In addition, all those subscribed to the GTA+ service will have the following advantages until February 7th:

  • Albany Cavalcade XL (SUV) for free.
  • Atomic Rockstar Games Logo Sweater, New Year Jacket and Pants, Western MC Jacket and Pants.
  • 50% more GTA$ and RP in animal photography rewards.
  • Double reputation at the Los Santos Car Meet.

Are you up for celebrating Lunar New Year in GTA Online?

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