GTA Online receives Christmas: snowballs, the Yeti, bonuses and much more

Rockstar shows its Santa Claus complex with this new Christmas update.

GTA Online receives Christmas: snowballs, the Yeti, bonuses and much more
María López

María López

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GTA Online continues to update and embraces Christmas with new bonuses and gifts. San Andreas returns loaded with new winter deathmatches, a themed version of Entourage, and the hunt for the mysterious yeti throughout the state.

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To start, keep an eye on the eCola Happy Holidays truck. It will leave all kinds of gifts as it passes through Legion Square: sweaters, GTA$, ammunition, snacks… remember to grab everything you can.

Deadly Snowballs

What would Christmas be without snowball fights? In GTA Online it couldn’t be any different, and for the occasion, you can add the snowball launcher to your personal arsenal. Just remember to claim it when logging in between December 21 and 27.

You will also be able to participate in infernal death matches, where a snowball has the power to instantly kill you. The matches take place in five unique locations and will earn you double GTA$ and RP until January 3rd. Don’t miss the opportunity to destroy the 25 collectible snowmen to get the Snowman outfit.

Golden Bravado

A new model arrives on the streets of San Andreas: the Bravado Dorado. If you want to get it, you just have to buy it at Southern San Andreas Super Auto. We will also have double rewards in the new Drift Races and triple GTA$ and RP.

New collectibles

Christmas has made Rockstar a little more generous than usual. If you log in to GTA Online between December 21 and 27, you can get the green Festive Tree hat, the white Festive Reindeer hat, the candy cane weapon, the green reindeer beer hat, the snowball launcher and much more.

If you also log in between December 28th and January 3rd, we will have new accessories for the New Year, such as New Year hats and glasses.

Three events are also returning to GTA Online. You will be able to collect and destroy snowmen, take down The Gooch, and assassinate the bank robbers duo in the Weazel Plaza shootout (you can get the WM 29 pistol if you do).

Scrapyard thefts and cars

Through the scrapyard heists, you will be able to obtain a wide selection of vehicles. From December 21st to 27th, there will be heists at The Diamond Casino & Resort, the cargo ship, and Mission Row. From December 28th to January 3rd, the cargo ship will be replaced by the submarine.

Don’t forget to stop by Luxury Autos and check out the Gallivanter Baller ST and the Albany V-STR, both with a 30% discount.

What are you waiting for to connect and get it all?

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