How the newest Firefox keeps you safe

Jacob Yothment


If you’re looking for a browser to keep you safe, the latest version of Mozilla Firefox is here to watch your back. From password management to security alerts and beyond, Firefox makes safety and privacy their top priorities.

Firefox Monitor alerts you to data breaches

Firefox Monitor

It seems like there’s a new data breach every other day. Have you ever been concerned that you were involved in one, and that your data has been compromised? Firefox Monitor can help you find out!

Simply enter your email address, and Firefox Monitor will tell you if that email address was ever involved in a data breach. Also, when you join Firefox, you can save all of your email addresses in their system, and receive a notification if one is ever involved.

Firefox Lockwise safely saves and syncs your passwords across devices

Many of us have a system for keeping track of our passwords that’s probably less than ideal. Maybe we have a sticky note in the corner of our monitor with a list of them. Maybe we threw them into the notepad on our phone or computer. It could be we just think we have a good enough memory to remember them all. Either way, none of these methods are optimal.

That’s where Firefox Lockwise comes in handy. It keeps all of your passwords safely behind a firewall and autofills them in the login page when you give the okay. The best part? Lockwise can carry those passwords across devices so you’re never locked out or trying to find that Post-It note with the password you created for that site you haven’t visited in three years.

Send big files with Firefox Send

Firefox send

It’s happened to all of us: we have a large file we need to send, but we don’t have a flash drive nearby, and it’s too big to send via email. That’s where Firefox Send comes in handy. Firefox Send allows you to send a file up to 2.5 gigabytes in size just by joining Firefox.

Sync to your Android or iPhone

Maybe you have 12 tabs open on your desktop, but when you jump on your mobile device, you have to remember what those tabs were. Firefox solves that problem by syncing your sessions between desktop and mobile devices.

When you sign in on Firefox on any of your devices, your browser will be personalized the same way thanks to Firefox’s syncing feature. Even better: your sessions are protected by end-to-end encryption.

The newest Firefox is the best version of a trusted browser from a team that puts your privacy first. Give it a spin and see why these features are so groundbreaking!

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