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How to get the most from UC Browser: hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts

How to get the most from UC Browser: hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts
Alex Beech

Alex Beech

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Originally launching on mobile devices (Android|iOS|Windows Phone), UC Browser is a powerful browser with a dedicated and growing user base. The PC version is just as solid and (because based on the open-source browser Chromium) incredibly versatile due to it being able to use Extensions from Google’s Chrome Web Store.

UC Browser is thus a fantastic choice for all of your devices. But, if you want to get the most from the Windows version, then you need to learn all of the keyboard shortcuts it offers.

With over 30 of these hotkeys available, it can be difficult to memorize them all. Do not worry though, because we have the full list right here to show you how to be more efficient in UC Browser:

Navigation controls

address bar, forward, back, homepage, stop loading, refresh, reload, restore

Tab controls

open, close, restore, switch, add to bookmarks, tab

General controls

mute, full screen, exit, open, zoom, find, save, print

There you go, a comprehensive list of every UC Browser hotkey to speed up your web surfing.

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