If this it true, Spotify may never fear rivalry again

If this it true, Spotify may never fear rivalry again

Spotify has recently announced that as of this week, the majority of your data will be moved from the company’s old servers to those of Google. So far, the music streaming service was initially using Amazon’s data storage facilities, but has now decided to go with Google for its data analysis requirements.

While Spotify says their decision was for practical purposes, the action has already generated speculation. What if Google were to buy Spotify?

Yes, Google already has GooglePlay Music, but if they did join forces, the service could be a clear winner in the world of music streaming.

Spotify currently has 20 million paying subscribers , and 75 million active users,while Apple barely has 10 million subscribers.

Google already tried to acquire Spotify back in 2014, but to no avail, simply down to the fact they couldn’t decide on a final price. Could 2016 be the year we see them make a decision that will drastically affect the music industry for years to come?

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