Instagram’s IGTV video hub offers videos of up to an hour

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Instagram is launching IGTV, a new hub where content creators can showcase up to 60 minutes of video content. IGTV is not supposed to be to be a direct competitor to the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or HBO; but rather an attempt to take on YouTube. The onus will be on well-made user-generated video content created by the people who are most familiar with the Instagram platform.

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We first reported on Instagram’s plans for video at the beginning of the month when a report from The Wall Street Journal indicated that the social network was thinking of removing video time limits. Since then, Tech Crunch reported that the platform will be launching today, June 20. Instagram has been meeting content creators all week to discuss the creation of videos that are much closer to the 10-minute length commonly found on YouTube.

Tech Crunch also revealed various details about the types of videos that Instagram will on allow on IGTV. Videos will be vertically oriented, and content creators will be able to upload 4K videos up to an hour in length. They’ll be available in a centralized hub, which we know will be called IGTV. There’ll also be options for creators to link out to their own social media and web platforms, but the social network will also offer a revenue sharing system.  More info will follow on the partnerships Instagram has fostered over the last week, and examples of the types of content we’re likely to see on IGTV


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