Instagram’s secret inbox that you probably didn’t know about

Instagram’s secret inbox that you probably didn’t know about

Instagram has a feature that you may have missed, and you might just be in with a surprise! We’re talking about the app’s secret mailbox where all the messages go from users who you don’t follow, nor follow you.

If you remember, we told you how to access Facebook Messenger’s secret inbox here. What surprises will the Instagram inbox bring you?

How to access the secret inbox on Instagram

1. Click on the mailbox icon in the top right-hand corner of your homepage.

2. Once in the folder, you’ll see at the top of the inbox “Message request from…. ” (note this is only if you have pending messages).


3. Click on the message request to either accept it or decline it (the user will not be notifified that you have read it).


4. If the user is not somebody you wish to stay in contact with, Instagram makes it very easy for you to block that person (simply by going to their profile and clicking the three black dots at the top of their page and selecting “Block User“.

Be warned, you may find a bunch of stalkers lurking among these messages!

Although the photography app is legendary and hugely popular, there are still many unknown features that very few users know about. Don’t miss our 10 things you probably didn’t know about Instagram! 

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