iOS 17 Leak Reveals Exciting New Feature: Unveiling the Action Button on iPhone 15

Up to 9 possibilities and many more with the Shortcuts app.

iOS 17 Leak Reveals Exciting New Feature: Unveiling the Action Button on iPhone 15
David Bernal Raspall

David Bernal Raspall

The Apple universe and all the rumors surrounding it continue to amaze us. In the midst of beta season, where every detail makes a difference and is carefully analyzed, information has been leaked in the fourth beta of iOS 17, unveiling what could be one of the standout features of the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max: the action button.


What is the action button?

Our first contact with the action button was through the Apple Watch Ultra, which introduced an extra button for carrying out quick actions. Later, when rumors suggested that the iPhone would abandon the physical mute switch, the possibility arose that Apple would replace them with something more functional. Thus, the action button on the iPhone 15 was born.

A button that would only be available on the professional models of the lineup, allowing us to quickly access various functions and settings without needing to unlock the device or open a specific app. This button has already appeared in rumors and CAD renders of the iPhones, and now, in a way, we have an official confirmation of its existence.

What can we do with the action button?

The fourth beta of iOS 17 has revealed up to nine possible options from which users would be able to choose. These options go far beyond the pre-defined ones, thanks to the Shortcuts app. Why? Because while this button allows us to open specific apps, creating a shortcut that opens any app of our choice and configuring it as an action is all it takes. This opens up a plethora of possibilities.

That being said, the list of default actions to choose from includes:

  1. Accessibility: Provides access to different accessibility features like VoiceOver, Zoom, or functions similar to the current triple-click on the side button.
  2. Shortcuts: Enables the execution of any shortcut that has been created or downloaded in the Shortcuts app, allowing users to perform various tasks on the device, from sending a message to opening or closing the house door.
  3. Silent Mode: Similar to the current physical mute switch, it allows users to toggle silent mode on or off.
  4. Camera: A quick way to open the Camera app and capture a photo or video with a single tap.
  5. Flashlight: Turn on or off the device’s flashlight with a single tap.
  6. Focus Mode: Easily select and toggle specific focus modes on or off.
  7. Magnifier: Opens the iPhone’s Magnifier app, ready to focus on texts and small objects.
  8. Translate: Opens the Translate app directly to the text, photo, or conversation translation section with a single tap.
  9. Voice Memos: Start or stop a recording in the Voice Memos app.

In addition to the enhanced cameras, the action button promises to be a key feature that distinguishes the iPhone 15 Pro from its predecessors and the entry-level models. Like many other recent moves by Apple, this button emphasizes customization, allowing users with different needs to adapt their device to their situation and preferences.

However, it is essential to remember that while the leaked information is promising, we are still waiting for the official announcement of the iPhone 15, and it is only then that we can confirm these rumors. Although this particular leak comes directly from Apple’s software, it is subject to evolution, changes, or even removal without prior notice.


Indeed, the news sounds spectacular. The action button has already proven to be highly useful in the Apple Watch Ultra, and on the iPhone, it could significantly change the way we interact with our device. For now, we will eagerly await the next betas, but it is evident that the unveiling of the iPhone 15 will be more than interesting.

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David Bernal Raspall

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