Is Facebook about to ruin two of our favorite features?

Is Facebook about to ruin two of our favorite features?

A new rumor surrounding Facebook suggests that the social network is about to “ruin” two of you favorite features: Instant Videos and Instant Articles. It’s not a literal destruction, but we’re sure that many users will be disappointed (some even infuriated) when they discover what’s about to happen.

Facebook’s Instant Articles feature has been a huge success for the social media giant. Users love the texts they are able to open and read from within the Facebook app – even the media are delighted that it’s encouraged more users to read their pieces. The bad news, is that according to an expert at the Wall Street Journal, Facebook will soon be including video-ads (automatic and manual play) in both the Instant features. It also seems that they plan to include previous adverts to the existing videos on the social network.

In addition, it seems Facebook will allow companies to purchase more ads to the bottom of the Instant Articles and Videos. Obviously, this is good news for certain companies who wish to reach out to the right audience at the right time, however Facebook has to understand that most users HATE ads.

This news comes soon after Facebook announced its other feature of allowing companies to communicate via Messenger. Could the company be committing social suicide, or do you think we could really benefit as users?

Source: Business Insider

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