It is now official: the revolutionary Apple Vision Pro will be launched worldwide on this day

The Apple glasses are arriving, get your wallets ready.

It is now official: the revolutionary Apple Vision Pro will be launched worldwide on this day
Chema Carvajal Sarabia

Chema Carvajal Sarabia

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The moment has finally arrived: Apple has announced that it will start distributing its Vision Pro headphones on February 2nd in the United States. Pre-orders begin on January 19th at 8 am Eastern Time. This morning we already announced that the date was imminent.


In addition to announcing the availability of its mixed reality glasses for “only” $3,499, Apple has also revealed the price of the Zeiss prescription lenses that users will be able to purchase with them.

The lenses will be available for an additional $99, while prescription lenses will cost $149. The base model of the Vision Pro offers 256 GB of storage and comes with the following accessories:

  • Only Knit Band and Dual Loop Band
  • One light seal and two light seal pads
  • Apple Vision Pro Case
  • Polishing cloth
  • Battery
  • USB-C charging cable and USB-C power adapter

Everything we know about Apple Vision Pro

Apple first revealed the Vision Pro headset during its Worldwide Developers Conference last June. The Apple Vision Pro, priced at $3,499, offers a 4K display for each eye and allows switching between augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) through a dial located on the side of the headset.

It works with a dual chip configuration that includes Apple’s M2 chip and the new R1 chip, dedicated to processing data from integrated sensors, cameras, and microphones. Users can also navigate the interface without a controller, as the device supports eye, head, and hand tracking.

Apple has presented the device primarily as a way to interact with familiar applications, such as FaceTime, Photos, and Movies, as well as to watch spatial videos recorded with the iPhone 15 Pro.

The company claims that users will be able to access over 150 3D titles through the Apple TV+ app. These integrations are possible because the headphones run visionOS, Apple’s new operating system that, according to the company, works with most iPhone and iPad applications without requiring additional work from developers.

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