Leaked photos of the iPhone 5SE may not be what you were expecting

Popular site 9to5 Mac has recently released a “leaked” photo of the upcoming (and much anticipated) iPhone 5SE.

The photo shows the plans for an iPhone cover, yet what’s held within the cover is certainly not what we were expecting. The new device shows a more similar resemblance to the previous iPhone 5 and 5s, and not a smaller version of the iPhone 6 we were expecting. The only notable differences that you can see from the release is that the power button is situated on the side (like the iPhone 6) and lack of Touch ID button (however this is something 9to5 Mac are certain is going nowhere).

We don’t yet know the reasons as to why Apple may have decided to opt for the older model of the phone on its new 4-inch model, although we don’t have long to find out, as you may have read here.

The leaked design of the new iPhone cover:

Source: 9to5 Mac

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