Logitech’s Arx Control app extends the PC gaming experience to Android devices

Logitech’s Arx Control app extends the PC gaming experience to Android devices

Available for free on the Play Store for owners of any Logitech G-series device, Logitech’s Arx Control app aims to extend the gaming experience to Android devices, including phones and tablets.

Arx Control uses Wi-Fi to connect a user’s Android device to a PC on the same network. Once connected, Arx Control gives gamers the ability to manage their various G-series devices via the Android “second screen.” The advantage of this is that users can more easily customize their gaming experience without having to back out of games. Some titles, for instance, disable the function keys during gameplay.

In addition to being able to more easily control G-series devices like mice, keyboards and headsets, Arx Control also allows users to monitor their system performance while gaming by providing performance data like CPU and GPU activity as well as the temperature of your system and memory usage.

According to Brent Barry, Head of Marketing for Gaming at Logitech, “Most gamers carry around incredibly powerful mobile devices with very high resolution screens. So Logitech G developed Arx Control to extend the PC gaming experience to gamers’ mobile devices for easy access to system and in-game data.”

In addition to providing the app for free to customers, Logitech also hopes that the developer and end-user communities too, will also take advantage of the technology. Again, Barry, “We also have an SDK that will enable developers to integrate Arx Control custom applets in their games and the community of gamers to create new and innovative applications.”

Arx Control is currently free to owners of Logitech G-series devices on the Play Store.

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