Mac apps for comic book lovers

Calvin and Hobbes comicAlthough the summum for any die hard comic book collector is all about finding age old unique issues and keeping them in pristine condition, you can now do much more with comics digitally. There’s plenty of applications on Mac to not only store all your favorite comics, but also automatically receive new issues without moving a thumb, creating lists of your favorite strips or even editing programs that let you create your very own comics out of pictures.

A while ago we brought you the best comic book applications for PC. This time we turn to the Mac platform and bring you a collection of programs to make even the most devoted of old school comic book fan ditch paper copies for the online world of comic strips:

  • Comic Life – Create your own comic strip out of photos.
  • Simple Comic – Don’t let anything disturb you when enjoying your face comic.
  • ComicBookLover – Edits your comics and save them in smart lists.
  • Toribash – Martial arts fighting game, comic book style!
  • Jomic – Try out the zoom tool to examine details in the drawings.
  • iComic X – Tabbed browsing of multiple comics at once.
  • Say Cheese – A widget to find and download comics from your Dashboard.
  • iStrip – Quick navigation to view your newly downloaded comics seamlessly.
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