Many users will want to uninstall WhatsApp when they discover this new feature

Privacy. Nobody likes it when someone invades theirs. There’s nothing worse in life than getting home and someone asking you: “Where have you been?

Well if the rumors are true, WhatsApp will be the next one to ask you this annoying question. The bad news is that you don’t need to answer – you’re mobile will blow your cover for you.

A recent leak shows that WhatsApp may be working on a new feature that would reveal the recent places you have been. But where’s the proof? Well, take a look at this recent screenshot from WhatsApp’s translation center:

This means that WhatsApp will always know where you are. The problem is that we don’t know any more details about what they plan to do with that information. Will it be optional? Will it let the other users know where we are? There’s only one thing we know for sure – WhatsApp is about to join the long list of apps that .

Source: ADSL Zone (Spanish website)

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