Meet our new app: Softonic Turbo Booster

Meet our new app: Softonic Turbo Booster

At Softonic, we’re focused on helping you discover and enjoy apps for your phone or tablet. As part of this, we’re very proud to introduce a new app we’ve designed and built to improve the performance and speed of your Android device: Turbo Booster. After all, you can’t have much fun with any apps if your phone is running slowly!

If you’ve been using your Android phone or tablet for a while, you might notice that its performance may have dropped off. Maybe it’s slow to load apps or carry out tasks, or maybe you are short on device storage. This is where Turbo Booster comes in.

Turbo Booster has three main functions: deleting unnecessary files so you have more storage space on your device, boosting RAM by stopping tasks that are running in the background, and helping you get rid of the applications you don’t use anymore.

In the latest version, we’ve added a central dashboard where you can easily monitor the overall performance of your device:

We’ve made the user interface clean and simple to help you get started quickly. With clear headings for each feature, you can easily swipe between the different options. From there, it’s just a single click to clean files and boost RAM, while the app provides you with useful statistics on these improvements.

Turbo Booster also analyzes your apps and organizes them in order of usage so you can see at a glance if there are any that you would like to uninstall.

We really hope you enjoy using the app, but if you do have any feedback, let us know in the comments below!

You can download Turbo Booster now.

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