Meta has new monetization options for Instagram-ers

Meta has new monetization options for Instagram-ers
Kerem Gülen

Kerem Gülen

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Instagram, while not traditionally seen as a hub for monetization by creators, has recently celebrated a noteworthy achievement in this domain. Following the expansion of the Instagram Subscriptions program, the platform has seen a significant uptick in creators harnessing this feature for revenue generation.

According to the latest dispatch from the Meta blog, the platform now boasts over 1 million active paid subscriptions. This figure is particularly impressive when considering the service’s vast user base of 2.35 billion monthly actives and the fact that the subscription feature was introduced just 18 months ago.

In an effort to bolster the success of content creators in growing their subscriber numbers, Instagram is unveiling new promotional tools. One such enhancement is the introduction of a conspicuous “Subscribe” button.

This feature will automatically present itself to followers not yet subscribed when they encounter posts from creators who have the subscription feature activated. Furthermore, the platform has streamlined the process for creators to extend a warm welcome to new subscribers, leveraging direct messages and stories. This added layer of personal touch is anticipated to foster greater interaction and, ultimately, boost engagement rates.

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Holiday bonuses for creators

Instagram, in a strategic move aligned with festive cheer, unveiled a new holiday bonus program aimed at rewarding creators. This selective initiative, extended by invitation to those in the US, South Korea, and Japan, incentivizes the production of both reel and photo content. Through this program, creators are compensated based on the viewership their reel plays and photo content accumulate over the holiday period, contingent upon adherence to standard monetization policies.

Parallel to Instagram’s announcement, Facebook, also under the Meta umbrella, disclosed enhancements to its subscriber program. Meta plans to expand access to Facebook’s subscription features to a broader array of creators in the forthcoming months. This expansion will introduce diversified methods for audiences to subscribe, including via Reels and Stories.

In addition to these access improvements, creators will gain more flexibility in pricing their subscriptions, with the ability to adjust rates over time. Moreover, a new aspect will allow creators to bestow a complimentary 30-day subscription on select fans, adding a personalized touch to the creator-follower relationship.

Boosting creator-brand partnerships

To further support creators on their platforms, Instagram and Facebook are introducing mechanisms to facilitate collaborations with brand partners. In the near future, creators who are part of the monetization program and choose the “Allow brand partners to boost” option will receive preemptive notifications about any content errors that could impede monetization.

This proactive feature ensures that potential issues are flagged and corrected before content is even published.

For the average user engrossed in scrolling through posts, these updates may not cause a ripple. However, for creators, these developments represent a suite of enhanced and more accessible avenues to generate revenue from their creative work.

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Although advertising remains the heavyweight in Facebook and Instagram’s revenue stream, these platforms are evidently making concerted efforts to expand the scope and appeal of their subscription services, offering creators a wider berth in the digital economy.

Kerem Gülen

Kerem Gülen

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