Metal Gear movie pushes forward, script complete

Justin Cabrera


For years, fans of the acclaimed stealth series Metal Gear have wondered if the film adaptation would ever see the light of day. Like many other major video game franchises, attempts have been made since the early 2000’s to turn Metal Gear into a film, with little to show besides the shuffling of studios and directors.

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While many fans would no doubt love to see Solid Snake on the big screen, many were also weary due to the frequently horrendous quality of video game movies. Thankfully, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has been attached to the project, and he has so far demonstrated that he is a huge fan of the Metal Gear series. Vogt-Roberts, who previously directed “Kong: Skull Island,” has been spending a lot of time with series creator Hideo Kojima to make sure the film leads up to expectations. In the liner notes for Vogt-Robert’s film Kings of Summer, Kojima writes that he believes “No one else but him can direct Metal Gear Solid”.

Metal Gear is far from a typical action franchise. It combines military action with surrealism, offbeat humor, heavy philosophical themes, and genre deconstruction. But if Kojima himself has faith in Vogt-Robert and his script, that’s good enough for us.

To celebrate the 31st anniversary of the release of the original Metal Gear on the MSX, Vogt-Roberts has teamed up with a group of artists to create concept art relating to the film and the Metal Gear franchise. One piece of art is revealed every day for 31 days. All of the art released so far can be viewed below this Twitter thread:

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