Microsoft Defender for Windows, macOS, Android and iOs

Microsoft Defender for Windows, macOS, Android and iOs
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Microsoft Defender for Individuals is a new cross-device security solution by Microsoft. The solution requires an active Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscription.

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The security solution brings security protections to different device types and operating systems, such as Android and Windows.

A centralized dashboard provides a view of the security of all connected devices. Security notifications inform users about threats and other issues.

Individuals and families may use different devices, for example, a Windows family computer at home, Apple iOS tablets at school, and Android smartphones. Different security solutions, which are not connected, may run on these devices.

Centralized Security Dashboard

Microsoft Defender for Individuals fills the gap according to Microsoft. Users get the security status of all connected devices when they access the central dashboard. It is important to realize that only connected devices

Parents control security on their own devices, family devices and devices of their children from that dashboard. The security solution displays the protection status of all connected devices. Notifications inform users about devices that need attention.

Customers may install Microsoft Defender on all devices to manage the security of all family devices. The standalone version of Microsoft Defender includes security protections. It protects against malware on devices that it is installed on by default, but there is one notable exception.

Microsoft highlights the following three core areas — protect, control, defend — on the Microsoft Defender for Individuals website:

Use one app for online security — Get one centralized view to manage and monitor your security status across your computers and phones

Safeguard your data and devices — Protect your family and yourself from malicious online threats with help from antivirus and anti-phishing protection you can count on.

Stay ahead of hackers and scammers — Get real-time alerts with recommended actions plus information about how to stay safer online.

Third-party antivirus support

Existing security solutions on Windows and iOS devices aren’t be replaced by Microsoft’s security solution. Third-party security solutions remain installed and enabled.

Windows users may install third-party security software to replace the default solution Microsoft Defender. Programs like Avast One Essential, Norton 360 Premium, or Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security, remain the active protection on the device.

Microsoft integrates information that these solutions provide in the dashboard.

Reporting is a key feature of Microsoft Defender for Individuals, but it is not the only feature that is available in the first official release. The security solution supports security notifications, which inform users about issues that need attention.

A notification warns users about new threats found on a managed device. It is important to realize that access to devices may be necessary to deal with reported threats.

Security tips and expert advice is another feature of Microsoft 365 for Individuals. The feature is available on Windows and Mac OS devices only at the time.

Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Security, Compliance, Identity, and Management Vasu Jakkal revealed that Microsoft plans to add more protections to Microsoft Defender for Individuals in the future.

This is just the start. As we look forward, we will continue to bring more protections together under a single dashboard, including features like identity theft protection and secure online connection

Microsoft Defender for Individuals downloads

Microsoft’s new security app supports the operating systems Windows, macOS, Apple iOS, and Android.

Here is the list of official download links:

All versions require an active Microsoft 365 Personal or Family subscription. While it is possible to install the programs and apps without one, it is required to use a Microsoft Account.

Installation of the application on a device and the linking to a Microsoft 365 account integrates the device automatically.

Microsoft Defender runs scans malware scans on devices to protect them against threats.

Closing Words

Microsoft Defender for Individuals provides malware protection on devices that it is installed on, but its greatest strength is the centralization of security reports in the management dashboard.

The solution is not available for Linux at the time of writing, but support for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS should protect the devices of most families..

All things considered, it may improve the manageability of security on devices for individuals and families.

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