Microsoft guesses your state of mind with its new application

Microsoft has launched a beta application which guesses how you are feeling. It is not magic, simply another use of facial recognition technology.

Do you remember that app that could tell your age? The new experiment works with similar technology: all you have to do is upload a photo to its website and the technology will recognize your face and detect your emotions.

Do you want to use it? All you have to do is upload a photo to the Microsoft Project Oxford website and observe the results. The app will inform you that it is in the experimental phase, and so the result will not always be accurate. Also, it will largely depend on the photo you provide: front facing photos are much better than those in profile or with your face covered by accessories, such as sunglasses. Yeah, sunglasses should really be avoided.

But the question is: does it work?

I have uploaded some photos of mine to the website to test its accuracy. And yes, it did more or less detect how I was feeling.

According to Microsoft, in one photo I’m between happy and neutral. Which is about right, really.

In another image, in the same session, I crack a big smile. Undoubtedly, the application has detected my happiness.

I consider myself to be more contemplative than happy in another photo, but my slight grin confuses Microsoft making it think that I’m in a moment of almost absolute bliss.

Yes, this face is saying neither yes nor no so, of course, it is “neutral” and a little sad… would that be because of the look?

We encourage you to try this application and share the result with us on our Facebook page!

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