Mobile app of the week: SwiftKey Keyboard 4

Mobile app of the week: SwiftKey Keyboard 4

The latest version of SwiftKey Keyboard, released today, is the fastest Android virtual keyboard that we’ve tried.

The new version’s SwiftKey Flow technology makes this keyboard replacement even smarter than ever. The gesture-based input system means you just need to drag your finger across the position of the letters on the keyboard in order to make words – you literally don’t have to lift a finger.

Of course, swipe-based virtual keyboards are nothing new. Apps such as Swype already allowed you to type in this way. I’d argue though, that SwiftKey is even quicker than Swype now. Not only is the swipe-to-type easy to master, the prediction and auto correction capabilities of SwiftKey are incredible.

Other features of SwiftKey Keyboard 4 include:

  • Support for 60 languages
  • Next word prediction
  • Several keyboard themes to choose from
  • Customizable key sizes
  • Usage statistics
  • How-to videos
  • And lots more settings and options

If you haven’t upgraded to SwiftKey 4 yet, you should do so today. If you’ve never tried it before it will blow you away and you’ll wonder how you’ve fumbled along without it all this time.

Read my full review of SwiftKey Keyboard and SwiftKey Tablet if you want to read more fawning from me over this wonderful app.

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