MobyExplorer 3.0 new features

moby-explorer-logo-1.pngIt passed under our radar at the time, but Bermin Software released version 3.0 of their excellent file and FTP manager, MobyExplorer last month. Already a firm favourite with many webmasters (you can totally edit HTML and PHP files on your phone), the program has added some long-awaited features which look likely to cement its position as the number one FTP tool for J2ME phones.

The new features in full:

  • Now includes support for secure FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS)
  • Added support to save and manage multiple FTP servers
  • More options to change attributes of local files. You can now also read-protect your files so no one can view them
  • Improved connectivity for FTP connections
  • Text Editor can now manage files of unlimited size (only limited by memory)
  • Added possibility to find text in the Text Editor
  • Landscape mode for Text Editor
  • Landscape mode for the File Manager
  • Visual look and feel improvements
  • Added scrollbars to Text Editor
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