Myna, the audio editor from Aviary

Myna, the audio editor from Aviary

Do you think the Aviary suite is all about online graphic tools? Well, you’re wrong. This week saw the birth of a new member in the Aviary family: a complete audio editing application called Myna.

Don’t get me wrong here: Myna is nothing like as advanced as Adobe Audition or GarageBand. But for audio editing newbies like me, it’s the perfect tool for some quick audio mixdowns that can add the finishing touch to a video, a photo slideshow or any other personal creation.


Even if you’ve never used an audio editing tool before, you’ll immediately feel at ease when launching Myna. The program’s interface follows the traditional design of audio editors, with a library of pre-made clips at the bottom, and a top working area with a timeline that features ten different tracks. All you have to do is select the appropriate clip and drop it on the timeline.

You can also drag them around for adjusting or trimming, copy and paste them via the context menu, and even record your own sound samples with a microphone. Myna includes not only a wide variety of audio samples you can use for free in your creations, but also a bunch of special effects such as fades, reverb, flanger, pitch and more. After saving you mix – which requires a free user account on the Aviary website –  you can save it right away and also share it online with your friends on several different social networks

Want to learn more about Myna? Check out this video from Alan at Aviary, and see how powerful this awesome tool can be.


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