Netflix soon set to block all possible access to catalogs from other countries

The days when you could use proxy servers to access the Netflix catalog from other countries, will very shortly come to an end, as Netflix confirms that it will soon block the common methods of access. They have not yet mentioned how or if it will punish their users for attempting.

In case you didn’t know, Netflix has a different catalog in each country, mainly due to the different licensing and distribution agreements across the globe. This means that certain movies and series are sometimes not available in all countries. Until now, users have been using various techniques to deceive Netflix in order to enjoy their full catalog of entertainment.

Although I understand Netflix’s decision, as a user, it does slightly worry me. A few days ago, the company announced that it was now available in over 130 countries (albeit China), which means the company is even more susceptible to various legal issues.

The good news is that the company are apparently working on a way to universalize its catalog. Now wouldn’t that be great?

Source: PC World

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