Nintendo still have a way to go with Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo still have a way to go with Nintendo Switch Online

Yesterday Nintendo decided to release their Nintendo Switch Online app for Android and iOS ahead of Schedule. The app enables voice chat between Nintendo Switch gamers and for now it works exclusively with Splatoon 2, which is due out tomorrow but Nintendo have promised to increase the number of games that’ll work with the app.

The problem is however, people might not want them to. People are flipping out about certain problems Nintendo Switch Online has.

There are a couple of caveats to take into account when discussing theNintendo still have a way to go with Nintendo Switch Online ridicule that Nintendo Switch Online is receiving on social media. The first thing is that they’ve released it ahead of schedule and the second thing is that, for the next 6 months at least, they’ll be giving away for free, what will be a paid service. So what about Nintendo Switch Online is driving everybody crazy?

Well the first thing is that you can’t use any other apps on the phone while you’re using Nintendo Switch Online. We reviewed the app yesterday and the added layer of bureaucracy to do something that is seamless on other consoles is something that we highlighted. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your mobile phone to be able to chat with people your playing games with.

Twitter users showing up the folly of not being able to chat via the console

Furthermore, the app is so sensitive that even the notification tray can affect your ability to chat with your squad and your phone’s screen must remain on at all times. Well done Nintendo.

For me these seem to teething problems that Nintendo will deal with in time. They do have a history of botching up anything to do with online play but the fact that they’re giving away service that they’ll be charging $20 a year for, for free means that users can’t get too irate just yet. If the problems still persist when the charge comes in users will have every right to complain in the strongest possible terms by not paying the fee.

You can read our review of Nintendo Switch Online and download the app by clicking the links below.

Nintendo Switch Online iOS

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