Nothing has launched its first products from its more budget-friendly brand, including headphones, a smartwatch, and more

CMF by Nothing makes its debut in a big way with up to three products.

Nothing has launched its first products from its more budget-friendly brand, including headphones, a smartwatch, and more
Fran Pérez

Fran Pérez

Nothing is one of the most eye-catching tech companies in recent years, and it’s no surprise, as they have achieved a good balance between the quality of their products and striking, interesting designs. The company aims to cover as much ground as possible, and a while ago, they announced their sub-brand, CMF by Nothing, which was created to offer similar but more budget-friendly products.

Now, the day has arrived when the first CMF products have been revealed, and they can be found on the official website of the company. These initial releases from Nothing’s sub-brand include wireless earbuds, a smartwatch, and a GaN adapter. Among them, the smartwatch is the most surprising, as the company did not previously have one among its devices.

Wireless earbuds, a smartwatch, and a GaN adapter are the first budget-friendly products from CMF by Nothing

To begin with, we can detail the key aspects of the Buds Pro, which are the first headphones Nothing has launched under the CMF brand. Essentially, these are a non-transparent version of the Nothing Earbuds, but they are also somewhat more limited in terms of their features. The headphones can provide us with hybrid active noise cancellation (ANC, starting from 45 dB), touch control, improved call quality, and a function to boost bass. They can also be controlled through the Nothing X app.

As stated by the company itself, each of these earbuds has a 55 mAh battery, which can last up to 11 hours with ANC disabled. If you use their charging case, the total duration can extend up to 39 hours, making their battery life quite interesting. As for the price of these Buds Pro, they are available for $49.

But that’s not all; CMF has introduced two more products, and one of them is the aforementioned smartwatch called the Watch Pro. This CMF by Nothing watch can be said to be similar to the Apple Watch Ultra, at least in terms of its design, although it does not have the same quality, of course. With it, you can receive notifications, monitor 10 sports, use GPS, enjoy an IP68 rating, and it features a 340 mAh battery. You can also receive and make calls thanks to the integration of a speaker and a microphone.

Among its features, we can also find a 1.96-inch screen with a resolution of 410 x 502 pixels. Additionally, in terms of its battery life, it’s worth mentioning that, at least as claimed by its makers, this smartwatch can offer up to 13 days of battery life, which is quite impressive. As for the price of this Watch Pro, it is priced at $69.

The last product from Nothing’s new brand is a GaN adapter. This charging adapter allows for quite impressive charging speeds in compact devices, making it a noteworthy product. Regarding its features, it’s a 65W GaN adapter with two USB-C ports and one USB-A port, compatible with PD3.0 and QC4.0 standards. It can be used worldwide thanks to its voltage range, which spans from 100 to 240V. The price of this product is $39.

With all that said, it will be interesting to see the commercial progress of these more budget-friendly Nothing products, as their success will determine whether the company founded by Carl Pei can thrive in the industry as one of the major high-end manufacturers. A strong performance would also secure a good position for CMF, especially in the mid-range and lower segments of the market.

Fran Pérez

Fran Pérez

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