Now You Can Create a 3D Model of Your Own Face in Seconds

Now You Can Create a 3D Model of Your Own Face in Seconds

You’ve got to love stuff like this. Scientists have developed an AI-based system that can take any photograph of a face and create a 3D model of it in seconds. Researchers at the University of Nottingham and Kingston University came up with the idea, which they describe as:

“Training a big neural network on 80,000 faces to directly learn to output the 3D facial geometry from a single 2D image…”

The technology could be used to recognize emotions as well as for facial recognition technology. The team at the University of Nottingham believe it could have all sorts of other uses too. Imagine being able to easily put your own face onto video game characters or try on that hat you were thinking of buying online.

As well as the practical applications of this technology that developers could come up with in the future, there is also the novelty value. If you go here you can upload your own face or even that of your favorite celebrities. The technology can work well, but it is less accurate if the picture isn’t clear. Also, it wasn’t able to recognize cartoons or non-human faces, so 3D models of Yoda or Bart Simpson are out. Face paint and makeup were a real challenge too.

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Anyway, take a look at the examples we’ve come up with and see what you think. One of our editors, Dani, kindly volunteered to have his face 3D modeled as long as I put him alongside some of his favorite Jedi and his favorite WWE wrestler.

Click Here to create your own 3D models.


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