Personas: Customize Firefox with themes

Last night, after installing Firefox on my new MacBook, I was welcomed by a start page with an advert about Personas, the new themes you can use to customize your browser. Actually, Personas has been around for a while, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I really spent some time browsing the gallery and testing them on Firefox.

Personas for Firefox: customize your browser with themes

Personas is the easiest way to customize the browser’s appearance. The only requirement is to have at least Firefox 3.6 installed on your system. You can browse the entire collection of themes by category (featuring Abstract, Fashion, Film and TV, Music, Nature, Sports and more) or use the top lists for the most downloaded or the recently added.

The best thing about the Personas gallery is that you can try the themes on without downloading or installing them. Simply hover your mouse over the theme thumbnail and Firefox will automatically display the theme on its interface, in real time. If you like it, click on the Wear it button and you’re done.

Personas for Firefox: customize your browser with themes

The themes you choose to ‘wear’ are stored in the Theme manager in Tools > Add-ons > Themes.  You can check all the themes you’ve downloaded so far, switch from one to another or uninstall those you don’t want to use anymore.

Another way to make use of Personas is the Personas Plus extension, which you can download from the Personas website. Personas plus puts a small fox icon in the bottom left corner of your browser window, from where you have direct access to the Personas Gallery with over 35,000 designs. Personas Plus is not required to use Personas, but makes theme selection and management faster and even easier.

Personas for Firefox: customize your browser with themes

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