Pet care for geeks

CatWhat to do with your pet when you leave on vacation? Leave it to the neighbours? Unless you know them well you probably don’t want to take the risk. Dish out for a pet vacation center? That’s pretty expensive. Whoever you leave your pet to, you’ll need to make sure that you’re giving them all the right information, like your pet’s diet, medical history or sleeping habits.

There are a few applications you can use to store all data on your little furry friend. If you’re always on the go, McPets for Palm is a good solution and even keeps vet appointments and can schedule reminders. For your PC you can use MiPetz and store feeding schedules and all your pet food spending. Pet Health is another solution and will let you keep up to date with all the shots, procedures and medical interventions your pet has had. SafeCat is another application that manages, although the name sounds like it can only be used for cats, is perfectly fine to store info on any type of animal.

What about for those of you who don’t have a pet? Tamagotchis already seem to be from another era, but some programs still offer the same type of fun. Make sure you give your Chi Pet on your Mac Dashboard the right amount of water, not too much but always enough. Pocket PC users can install Pocket Puppy, similar to Nintendogs, and where you’ll need to give love, attention and much more to a little puppy called Rover.

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