Pigeon fanciers, look away now

Pigeon poos on boyAs a devout pigeon-hater I thought it my job to bring you this retro-shooting game for the Palm. Yes, it’s a bit of Friday fun, but really any day is good for pigeon shooting. Bang! Bang! looks and sounds like the kind of game I was playing about twenty years ago, when I was just a child pigeon-hater.

Get your shotgun and aim at as many flying rats flapping over the back of your garden as possible. There are also cats strolling past for cat-haters and bottles and tins for those of you who hate rubbish. Shoot everything, including bullets to increase your ammo. As soon as that runs out it’s game over. If you remember enjoying games like Duck Hunt on the Nintendo then this one’s for you. If you hate pigeons you’re going to have a great weekend.

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