The Hidden Gem in Iron Man: Watch the Unseen Post-Credits Scene That’s Been Locked Away!

Nick Fury stars in Iron Man's missing post-credits scene

The Hidden Gem in Iron Man: Watch the Unseen Post-Credits Scene That’s Been Locked Away!
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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By now it is clear that Iron Man was the movie that changed everything in Hollywood cinema in the 21st century. Jon Favreau’s (The Mandalorian) film starring Robert Downey Jr. opened the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is now in Phase 4 and has plans through 2027. But even though 15 years have passed since its release, we still haven’t seen everything about the movie.

In an interview for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show where industry celebrities usually go, Jon Favreau has confessed that the post-credits scene we saw in the movie is just a shortened version of what they actually shot for the occasion.

A scene never seen before

Jon Favreau’s statement begins at minute 13:49 of the video, and in it Favreau already makes it clear that, despite filming it, he had no intention of ever releasing it because of the film’s target audience. And the scene was going to work just the same, but with a small addition.

The sequence in question is when Tony Stark arrives in his living room after the credits and there Samuel L. Jackson appears as Nick Fury. At that moment, the character tells him about the Avengers Initiative, and sets the stage for everything that follows in the rest of the films.

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However, Favreau was a big fan of Jackson and his work with Tarantino, so he had added two lines of dialogue. When Fury introduced himself, he would say “I’m Nick Fury, motherfucker”. This is a very famous insult from Jackson’s characters, and Favreau simply wanted to make the joke. Here’s how Favreau explains it:

“Iron Man, at the end, just walks into his mess hall after the credits and is surprised when Nick Fury invites him to join the Avengers Initiative. That kicks off everything that happens, but I knew he wasn’t going to be in the movie.”

What’s surprising is that Jimmy Kimmel had the footage, and plays it after his statement. This is more surprising to Favreau, who was not at all expecting his lost footage to be rescued:

“Where did you find this? It’s real, by the way. It’s not a joke. We really shot this just for fun. I’m a fan of Sam Jackson, not just Star Wars. I have been since before Marvel, because of his movies with Quentin Tarantino and his indie film days. So it was great to have him there: the eye patch, the leather jacket and having him on set.”

Juan Carlos Saloz

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