Red Dead Online meets Fortnite with new Gun Rush game type

Alex LaFreniere


It seems that not even Red Dead Redemption is immune from one of gaming’s most ubiquitous trends. The Battle Royale game type has been present in almost every game with a multiplayer component for the past year, from series giant Fortnite to Battlefield 5 to newcomer Call of Duty. Now, Red Dead Online fans will be getting their own take on Battle Royale with the new Gun Rush mode, arriving with the latest Multiplayer update.

Red Dead Online meets Fortnite with new Gun Rush game type

red dead 2 online posse
Image courtesy Rockstar

The details of Gun Rush will sound familiar to anybody who has played a Battle Royale game type before. Players will find themselves in a shrinking map, gathering weapons and supplies while fighting to be the last player standing. Red Dead’s take on the mode looks to be a bit smaller than that of other games, with the experience capping at a max of 32 players. This also indicates a smaller map, which would mean faster paced and more action-packed skirmishes.

Like other Battle Royale game types, Gun Rush is being offered with both Free-for-All and Team Variants. Free-for-All, as the name implies, is every player for themselves, and Team will place players into small groups with the last team standing being crowned the winner. The Gun Rush mode itself is already available to play for all Red Dead players.

red dead online holdup
Image courtesy Rockstar

Gun Rush is launching as part of a larger Online update that’s adding a host of new features to the Red Dead Online experience. Foremost is the addition of new Daily Challenges, which will cover different aspects of the game and incentivize players with rewards. It seems likely they’ll work similarly to the challenges in the game’s Story mode, which cover everything from sharpshooting to harvesting plants to hunting animals.

This update has also introduced some major changes to how player interaction works, with a specific focus on combating griefers and overly-hostile players. Players will incur time-sensitive bounties for committing crimes, which will bring down a heavy law enforcement response if the bounty isn’t paid off in the given time frame. The Parley system will also be easier to activate to avoid hostile players, and Player Blips will now only be visible at shorter distances to prevent hostile snipers. Rockstar is also looking to introduce a GTA Online feature that marks players who kill and grief indiscriminately with a dark red blip, letting others know to steer clear.

Rockstar is also teasing other updates down the line, such as new game types, new multiplayer Story Missions, new dynamic events and characters, and of course, a whole host of new clothing options and weapons. There seems to be a lot of new content in the works, something that’s sure to please fans of Red Dead Online.

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